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CMR Quarantine Life: Springfield Community - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The Grace

The GOOD For those who do not know, our Queen of Angels Childcare Center is connected to our convent. Ministry and community life are closely bound to each other.  This "stay-at-home" order has allowed us to slow down: we spend more time to pray, read, reflect, rest (i.e. morning prayer is at 7 AM instead of 6:10 AM! Sisters like to sleep-in too :-)), exercise,  and do simple things like clean up our rooms (although it is not "simple" for some).

THE BAD Spring break started on March 16, but the next day (March 17), the city leaders and the Bishop’s office sent out a notice effective immediately: all schools will close until further notice.  Unfortunately, we only had one day to inform the parents of our Childcare Center.  On March 18, the center closed for the time being until further notice.  We miss the children and their families so much!  

THE UGLY The immediate members of our sisters' families are not yet affected.  However, our sisters' relatives have gotten sick and passed away.  Churches are closed, faith communities cannot gather, and our sisters cannot be home.  It is heartbreaking. 


With the childcare temporarily closed, we are taking this time to revise many aspects of our program such as our lesson plans and goals. We are also taking walks and praying the Rosary. One of our teachers, Sr. Grace, continues to teach her high school students and Sunday school students online. Sr. Michelle, who is involved in college campus ministry, works hard to continue different aspects of CCM virtually such as the Candle Light Mass and Adoration every Thursday. 

We are praying for you, the world, and for the end to the pandemic. Please keep us in your prayers.

From Top Left: Sr. Jacinta working on Regional work; Sr. Martha preparing flowers for the chapel, Sr. Rosie preparing a delicious meal, Sr. Ann working on lesson planning - ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD!

Sr. Faustina teaching her students through Zoom

Prepping the Projector for Renewal of Consecration of the United States to Mary on May 2, 2020

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