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"He must increase, I must decrease."

- St. John the Baptist

(Jn 3:30)

Sr. Jacinta Ngân

First Profession of Vows – May 31, 1970

Final Profession of Vows – May 31, 1976

Number of siblings  – 9 (including me!) 

Favorite Book of the Bible - The Book of Matthew 

Favorite Form of Prayer - Private meditation and Lectio Divina

Favorite Bible Quote – “Serve the Lord with gladness.” (Ps 100:2)

Favorite Sport - I like country/western dance (for exercising). But I don't know if you consider it as "sport" 

Favorite Hobby - Reading and Gardening

Religious inspiration - People's life stories/ testimonies (especially the saints and those who went through difficulties in their life but persevere or succeed)

Favorite Food – Pizza and Chili

Favorite Color – Blue/Green

Favorite Movie – Ben Hur (1959 Film)

Favorite Book – True Devotion to Mary by St. Louis de Montfort (The Vietnamese translation)

Favorite Song/Music Genre – Country music

Special talents - I think I'm good at office administration works. Besides, I think I would be good at music if I had a chance to learn. But unfortunately I've never had a chance.

Highlights of this past summer - quiet, relaxing time to revisit materials on the past General Chapters, and go through some of my personal "stuff."

What are you looking forward to this year? That I may "treat" Jesus more intimately as a close friend!

Advice for Someone Discerning– Get to know a religious/ a priest who can help you grow in your relationship with God. Then it is through intimate encounter with God, you may know what God wants from you.

Favorite Story as a Sister – Sometime around 1996 I taught an English class to a group of elderly Vietnamese in the St. Louis area. In order to help them learn how to pronounce an English word, I tried to explain how it sounds by using Vietnamese words. It sounded very funny, but they “got it” and seemed to progress very well.


For example, for the word “welcome,” I explained it sounds like Vietnamese sound “ueo-cằm,”  Or “What is your name?” – “uắt-i-do-nêm.” We had fun learning English like this!

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