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Discernment Retreat

the basics

Who:  Ladies wondering what God's plan is for their                     life; ages 17 - 35

What:  A retreat in the setting of a Congregation of                      Mary Queen convent 
Where:  Springfield, MO - Regional Headquarters


Spring Come & See

May 25-29, 2023

Start time: 5pm, May 25, Thursday

End Time: 12pm, May 29, Monday

Autumn Come & See

November 2-6, 2023

Start time: 5pm, Nov 2, Thursday

End Time: 12pm, Nov 6, Monday

Why:  To discover God's will for your life, with the                       possibility that it may be religious life!

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Discernment Retreat

the details

1.  What happens there?

Learning, praying, talking (yes, we do talk!), cooking, games...anything that can help you hear God's voice!

2.  Why choose this retreat and not other retreats?

This retreat is geared specifically to getting to know God's plan for your life and gaining the tools to live God's plan.

3.  If I can't come on these dates, are there other dates?

Yes.  Just contact us and we will work with your schedule.

4.  Do I get to use my phone?

Yes and no.  We allow limited use (to check in with your parents, see what the weather is, etc).  Since you are making time for God to speak to you, we hope you will allow God's voice to sound most clearly by unplugging.

5.  What about make-up and hair products?

It is better to leave these at home because we are aiming to live simply for a few days.

6.  Can I bring my friends?

Yes!  The only requirement for them (and you):  be open to God's plan

7. How much does the retreat cost? 

The retreat is totally FREE. Donations are always welcome!

8.  What if my plane ticket is cheaper if I arrive earlier or later?

We will work with your schedule (and your budget) because we want you to have this wonderful opportunity.  The airport closest to us is Springfield-Branson (SGF) airport, however because it is a smaller airport, the cheapest airfare is usually Kansas-City International Airport (MCI).  It is 2.5hrs away, however, we will provide transportation. Please do talk to us before purchasing your ticket so we can arrange our schedule accordingly.

9.  What if I don't join the convent after this retreat?

There is no pressure or obligation to join us because you attended the retreat.  Our goal is to help you find God's will, wherever it may take you.

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We will answer your question shortly. 

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