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Everything has a beginning or a starting point.  The starting point of our religious life is a call or an invitation from our loving God that we hear in our hearts to give ourselves totally to Him and to follow Jesus more closely.  This call is commonly known as a RELIGIOUS VOCATION (a CALLING).

You may ask yourself, "Did God call me?" or you may wonder, "I don’t know if I have a religious vocation."  True, it is not easy to hear a straightforward, clear call from God. God is very gentle with our free will; He doesn’t want to coerce us in anyway. Thus He invites us by putting a desire in our hearts or giving us some thoughts of doing "something" for God.  Sometimes, God uses others to tell us about what they see in us. We need to sort it out through prayer, discernment, and asking advice from experienced people like priests, Catholic parents, and vowed religious.

Here are some questions to ponder. 

Do I have a religious vocation?

Questions to ponder 

  •      Do you want to be close to God? 

  •      Do you desire to serve humanity 

     and live simply? 


  •      Do you wish to share life and faith 

     with others who share these dreams? 

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