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Frequently ASKED


As sisters, we get all kinds of interesting, inquisitive, and even intimate questions. If answering your question helps you discern the path for you, we gladly answer them!

What do the sisters do all day? 

Check out "A Day in the Life of a Sister" here. 

How often am I able to visit my family?

In the initial stages of formation, a candidate is able to visit family during the summer, Christmas break, and other special family occasions/events. Exact time frame for each visit is determined on a case-by-case basis. Professed religious sisters can visit family approximately two weeks each year and for special occasions/events, per case basis.

Do the sisters use cell phones? Do I get to keep mine?

Sisters do use cell phones, but these phones are not considered their own "personal phone." The cell phones are used for serving in their respective ministries and for traveling purposes. If a candidate enters the convent and needs to use a cell phone, it will be provided by the convent.

What about my academic studies?

Yes! Academic studies is highly encouraged to obtain a degree and have the proper training to serve God's people within the various ministries of the religious community. Each candidate will dialogue with their Formation Director to determine the course of study and the time frame to complete their academic program.

Is there an age requirement to enter? 

Any person who is interested in discerning a vocation to religious life would be invited to dialogue with the sisters to determine suitability to the convent, per case basis.  In general, the approximate age range to join the convent is typically between 18 - 35.

Will I be able to continue my career?

Depending on one's background and the area of specialization, a person may continue with their professional career. The sisters, in collaboration with the individual, will provide guidance and support for discernment in ministries that are aligned with the mission of the Church and the religious community.

What if I have student loans or debt? 

The Sisters encourage the family of each potential candidate to assist in resolving student loans and debt prior to entering the convent. Having a loan or debt should not deter a person from discerning her vocation; however, these financial issues would need to be addressed before a candidate is accepted into the religious community.

Do you wear your habit every day? Do you wear it to sleep or exercise?

The religious habit is a visible sign of our consecration; thus, the sisters wear the habit everyday, when receiving the sacraments and during our various ministries. Of course, the sisters have different attire when going to sleep and for exercising, following specific guidelines as stated in the convent regulations.

What do sisters do for fun? 

Every once in awhile, the sisters go to the movies/plays, visiting famous landmarks, pilgrimages, picnics, fishing, hiking, miniature golfing... the list goes on and on!  Depending on the need, we may have the opportunity to travel to different places throughout the U.S. or even abroad.

Do religious sisters "fall in love"? 

The short answer: Yes! Of course we are humans with a body, mind, heart, and soul. The long answer: Click here

What do vocations directors say about their ministry? 

An insightful article by Peter Tran from the Global Sisters Report: "Nurturing vocations is a challenging, 'but it's all God's work,' sisters' say" 

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