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Reflections on Ministry

Sr. Marciana Chuẩn

“I see God in my daily living. A smile brings the Good News to people. Helping the sisters around the convent, telling jokes or seeing the sisters enjoy the food I cook, that is the good news. The good news never ends when you bring joy to people; it is never boring! It is a piece of resurrection you give to each and every person.”

Sr. Pauline Kiều

"I want to say one word to you and this word is joy. Wherever consecrated people are, there is always joy" (Pope Francis). Our world is so in need of joy and hope, so being a religious sister, I am humbly called to be a prophetic witness of the Good News, of joy and hope. In my various ministries, I try to be Christ, to bring joy to others by being wholeheartedly present, by listening attentively, empathetically, tenderly to many heart-breaking stories in people's lives. Through the sharing of stories, I recognize the incredible ways God works in people's lives; I am amazed at the power of resilience; and I am humbled and honored that people from different walks of life, people with different faiths and beliefs trustingly open up to me simply because I am a consecrated person. "

Sr. Cecilia Hiền

"In my ministry, I feel like I am living out Matthew 25:35 ("For I was hungry and you gave me something eat...") and thus continuing God's mission on earth. I feel honored to be God's extended heart, arms, hands, and feet. Not only am I able to "Be Christ" to others, but I learn something new about people and life everyday."  

Sr. Gwen Huyền

"Within the ministry of promoting religious vocations, God has revealed His Presence to me through the encounters with so many wonderful people. The one-on-one conversations, journeying with each person , and entering their "life story" have been some of the great blessings in my life. It is quite a humbling experience to be able to listen to their struggles and hardships, as well as, rejoice in their joys and successes. In turn, I hope that I have been a faithful witness for Christ Jesus, sharing His love and peace with them. All is Grace!"

Sr. Theresa Ni

"I don't know when God poured love for people with disabilities into my heart, but that love has blossomed since the first day I started working with the elderly. They are very precious to me; they are my treasure.  Being with them, I find the real meaning of TLC-(tender, loving care), of peace, and joy. Little did I know that by assisting them, my relationship with God has grown deeper and deeper. In spite of their vulnerability and physical limitations, they have taught me many lessons: dependence on God, acceptance of His will, and placing myself each day in His merciful heart." 

Sr. Veronica Dao

"In my ministry (Medical Lab Scientist), I feel that I do not have to be "known."  I am content & at peace working behind the scenes, knowing that I always try my best to come up with accurate lab results so that the doctor can treat patients.  Everyone is a child of God.  Jesus is the Divine Physician and I feel like i am helping Him help treat every child of God."

Sr. Emeline Thúy

"When I'm at school wearing my habit, I hope I can help others come to know the one true God. My school is very diverse, with many students from different countries and different religions. Students approach me often and talk to me about their life and I, in turn, share my life with them. I enjoy learning about others as well as being able to share about religious life.  I call it the "ministry of presence" by making God present through me. 

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Making blankets for the needy
Sr. Jacinta helping with daycare
Sr. Cecilia helping with paperwork
Sr Grace grading papers
Vocations Day @ DMHCG
Srs.Josephine & Eileen in ministy
Sr. Veronica in the lab
Sr. Theresa with patient
Sr. Irene conducting choir practice
Sr. Rosie with her students
Mother's Day Mass with Bishop
Sr. Gwen teaching
CMR Sisters with retreatants
CMR Sisters at Nursing Home
Sr. Eileen giving communion
Sr. Teresita with her students
Sr. Michelle with her students
CMR sisters serving in the kitchen
Sr. Gwen receiving her TNTT scarf
CMR Sisters marching for Life
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