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Bishop Lambert de la Motte

Bishop Lambert de la Motte focused his whole life on Christ, the Son of God, dying on the cross for the love of the Father and for the salvation of humanity.  The cross is the culminating moment of Christ's total surrender and His total love for the Father. 


Bishop's experience of Jesus' sacrificial love inspired him to invite others to the contemplation and to follow the Crucified Christ. This is the beginning page of the history that established the Sisters of Mary Queen.

bishop lambert

Fr. Bernard Hoàn K. Bùi 

 Father Bernard Hoàn K. Bùi came to our Congregation only one year after it was canonically established as a religious institute. He introduced into the Congregation the aspect of Christ's divine sonship as revealed through the Incarnation. 

Father Bernard Hoàn Bùi found his inspiration in the spirit and teachings of St Thérèse of Lisieux on evangelical childhood and St. Louis Mary Grignion de Montfort on total consecration to Mary.  We look to them as our spiritual guides.

Fr Bernard
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