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"Peace begins with a smile."
- Mother Teresa of Calcutta 

"If God created shadows it was to emphasize the light"
- Pope St. John XXIII

Sr. Binh An

First Profession of Vows – June 3, 2023

Final Profession of Vows – Soon

Number of siblings  – 3 siblings

Favorite Book of the Bible - Book of Job

Favorite Form of Prayer -  I like to pray the memorare and the rosary. I also like the "prayer before meal," because after that I eat. lol.

Favorite Bible Quote – Mark 11:24 - whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

Favorite Sport -Athletic sleeping. lol. Snowboarding

Favorite Hobby -   I like to make Feastday cards for the sisters on my free time or I watched Youtube.

Religious inspiration - My parents, St. John 23, St. Dominic Savio, St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta 

Favorite Food –  All of them except vegetables    

Favorite Color – I don't have one b/c every color has its own unique beauty.

Favorite Movie – Harry Potter, the MCU series, and the Star Wars series.

Favorite Book – I do not have one. 

Favorite Song/Music Genre – You Say" by Lauren Daigle and I like K-Pop

Special talents - I'm a visual learner. Sometimes not all the time, I can look and see someone doing something and pick it up right away.

Highlights of 2022-2023 - Being able to make my first vow. 

What are you looking forward to this year - Nothing in particular. Just living the moment for now.

Advice for Someone Discerning

God did His work and now it's your turn to listen.


Favorite Story as a Sister

I pranked a sister on her Baptismal Feast day by filling her bedroom with balloons and outside her door. She was not able to enter or exit her room.


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but it was a miniature version of this! 

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