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"The habit we wear must be zeal, and that zeal must embrace the whole world." 

- St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier

Sr. Veronica Dao 

First Profession of Vows – June 13, 2015

Final Profession of Vows – June 12, 2021

Number of siblings  – 2 siblings

Favorite Book of the Bible - The Gospel of Luke

Favorite Form of Prayer - One to One Conversation with God as a friend

Favorite Bible Quote – "Here I am Lord, I come to do your will." ~Psalm 40

Favorite Sport - Soccer

Favorite Hobby -  Listening to music, Photography

Religious inspiration - My grandparents, the saints, and anyone who dedicates their lives in the service of God's kingdom

Favorite Food –  I don't have one. I like to try different foods as long as it's not too spicy

Favorite Color – Blue and Lavender/Purple

Favorite Movie – Any true story that is inspirational

Favorite Book – It is hard to pick one since there are so many good books. I like to read books that are practical 

Favorite Song/Music Genre – Thánh ca dâng hiến (songs about consecrated life)

Special talents - Only God knows. 

Highlights of 2020 - Preparing for perpetual vows, my sister graduating with her
MPH, and writing a 12-page paper (this is a lot for someone who rarely writes!)

What are you looking forward to this year - When I will move to Texas this July, I
hope to meet new friends, learn new things, and grow more in the spiritual life.

Advice for Someone Discerning– Don’t be afraid to give God a chance. Talk to
Him as a friend and He will guide you.

Favorite Story as a Sister – I have 3 stories!

I was with my family at Christ (Crystal) Cathedral and I noticed that a  man kept looking at me. Later he approached me, together with his wife and children. He told me that he hadn’t seen any nun in  habit for a long time. He was so happy to see me in habit so he could show his daughter what a nun look like. He introduced his daughter to me and said that she wants to become a nun when she grows up.


I asked her, "What order are you thinking of?" 

She said: "The Sisters of Charity."

I then asked her brother for his name.

He said, "John Paul."

I asked him, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

He replied, "Pope John Paul III."

I was walking in my habit in front of my cousin (who is not Catholic) on our way to the Miraculous Staircase in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

He suddenly ran over to me and said: “Qunh Dao, there was a guy who asked me if you are a real sister. told him: No, she’s not my sister. She’s my cousin."

One year on Halloween, my co-workers at Barnes Jewish Hospital Hematology Department decided to dress up as nuns and priests. We wore a black lab coat and my co-workers had black veils except the two priests and myself. Anyone who passed by our department could not tell who was who because we all looked the same. The hematology lab was filled with nuns and priests working that Halloween night.

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