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Depending on God

“Why am I breathing heavily?” I anxiously asked myself. I reasoned, "I do not have any allergies, asthma or any breathing problems in the past. This must be a sign of something… something is wrong with my health." I tried to examine myself and understand what is going on. I came to two conclusions: one, perhaps the heat of summer irritated my airway causing difficulty breathing.  Or two, the coronavirus happily found a comfortable shelter in my lungs. "Who knows?” 

Whatever it may be, I reminded myself of one of my favorite quotes by Bishop Robert Barron, “Every breath we take is a reminder of our dependence upon God; every beat of our heart is a reminder that God is the Lord.”

I found his saying meaningful and inspiring, especially during this terrible pandemic. In order to protect ourselves and others, we have to keep our breath away from one another by wearing a mask. Everywhere we go or whoever we encounter, we have to put on a mask. It is our lifesaver!  Little did we realize that our lives depend on something else, not just God. As we try to protect ourselves, we may forget that it is not only the coronavirus that can take away our breath.  God can take away our breath for He is the one that breathes the  breath of life into us (Gen 2: 7). 

Therefore, let us pray for one another that we will stand firm trusting in God’s providence during this difficult time. Let us pray for whatever God wants, through the example of our Savior, Jesus, who taught us total abandonment to God the Father. In His last breath, he prayed “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.” (Luke 23: 46)

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Sr. Theresa Ni Ha, CMR 

August 2020 - Ordinary Time

Artwork: The Creation of Adam - Michangelo

               The Christ of St. John of the Cross -  Salvador Dali

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