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Transitions: Burden, Blessing or Both?

It’s September! School is back in full gear whether in-person, online, or hybrid. Students, parents, teachers, and commuters are adjusting to a new schedule. It is definitely not easy to transition - meeting new people, learning new environments, and changing the rhythms of your day.

Several of our CMR sisters started new assignments this past August. This involves either changing ministries and even moving to another community.

We decided to check in with 4 of our CMR sisters to find how their transition is progressing.

Sr. Michelle is starting a chaplaincy ministry and moved to the St. Louis community.

Sr. Eileen is continuing her nursing ministry in a different community, Irving!

Sr. Janine started diocesan catechetical ministry and moved to the Springfield community.

Sr. Ann is starting full-time student ministry in Springfield.

1.) What are you looking forward to the most about this new change in your life?

Sr. Eileen

I like my community and love my ministry in Kansas City. I lived there for 7 years for the second time in my 25 years of Religious Life. As a religious, I took a vow of Obedience to be sent wherever my community needed me. I have never lived in Irving so I am looking forward to a new community, a new ministry and adapting to the new environment in Texas.

Sr. Ann

I am looking forward to learning new things especially about family development and youth. These classes teach me to understand more about the family, the primary source of nurturing youth. Family is the place where faith begins and love and care are found. I am learning about the psychology of family and how it can affect one’s character development. I want to serve youth in the future, so this is my motivation to return to school. I want to learn more so I can help them go through difficult situations.

2.) What is the biggest challenge that you face in this new change?

Sr. Eileen

I arrived in Irving, Texas on August 3rd. I have lived with all these sisters in the past (just not in Irving), so adjusting to the community was not a big adjustment. I am learning about the new environment, meeting new people, and adapting to the hot weather. Since I am easy-going, I can adapt to things easily. The biggest challenge for me is to look for a job in Irving, Texas. Although I have been a nurse for 16 years and a hard worker, it is hard for me to find job in this new area. I know Texas is a hot spot for COVID and there is much need for nurses, but for some reason it is difficult to find a ministry at a hospital near the convent. I think part of it is because I do not know anybody to help me to get in.

Sr. Ann

My biggest challenge will be the writing. I have not been to school for a while so I will have to brush up on my writing since English is not my first language. Also, there are all kinds of techniques and technologies nowadays, which sometimes make me feel that I’m ancient.

3) What grace would you like us to pray for you?

Sr. Eileen

I just pray for an open mind, open heart. I know God has a job for me to do in these hospitals. I don’t know where and when I can get back to work. I just ask for guidance and ask God help me to be patient.

Sr. Ann

Wisdom, Knowledge, and Perseverance!!!

Maya Angelou once said - “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” Change may be difficult, but it is a time of great growth and transformation. We thank our sisters for sharing with us!

Please know that you have our prayers, but most of all, “Nothing is impossible with God” (Luke 1:37).

Check back next week for Sr. Michelle and Sr. Janine's sharing about their transitions!

From Left to Right: Sr. Irene Khanh, Sr. Eileen Phuong, Sr. Marie Trang, Sr. Terry Thuy

Sr. Ann Huong studying hard!

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