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I recently had a birthday celebration of 75 years young, 75 years as a child of God through Baptism.

Looking back at my life, my faith and my vocation, I realize the inexplicable awesome mysteries which God has graced me.  God is my Father who decided when, where, how and why I came into being, and patiently waited for my love in return.

The Father formed me as a simple, normal child.  God carefully planned all the details of my life: parents, siblings, early childhood events, vocation, CMR community, sisters, friends and many good and holy people who have crossed my life.   

The Beloved Father chose North Vietnam as my birth place, then safely carried me to the South.  Here I went to school and before I ever knew it, God covered my eyes and brought me to the convent.  I had no idea what a convent was, but I presented myself there without question. The beloved Father of mine didn’t even ask for my ‘approval’ because I was too young to figure out who God wanted me to be.  I trusted in my Father’s providence and just followed His lead.


There, I was called into the novitiate by the CMR leaders, and again I just followed the group of young candidates by doing what the community asked of us without hesitation.  Like a little sheep in good hands, God carried me through life. During this time, if God asked me again what I wanted to become, I would not know how to the answer. I still had yet to learn how to open up to God in  the depths of my being.  Thus, I quietly rested safely in his secure arms without worry.

When I was 24 years old, I took final vows as a sister in the Congregation of Mary Queen, I then realized that God loved me unconditionally and had carried me to this day. Thus I wholeheartedly answered “YES!  I do want belong to God for life.” My Father God is very  glad because this was the first decision I actively made.  Thank you, God, for his patience in awaiting my response.

Afterwards, our  CMR Community sent me to Australia and then to the USA.  There, God opened my eyes, my heart and my mind to  the diversity, richness, and beauty of religious spiritualities.  I appreciated the freedom to love, to serve and to worship God. The CMR community also supported me by allowing me to go to school to get the degrees I needed to serve people in God’s name.

As a religious sister, in the vocation the Father has planned for me, I carry out my duties and responsibilities with all my abilities: in good and bad times, through thick and thin, with  ups and downs. Sometimes I hear God say “I love You” and spontaneously I respond, “I love You too” in desperate situations.

One thing I beg of my Father: when my pilgrimage on earth is over:  May my Savior Jesus Christ together with our Mother Mary, carry me ‘one way, non-stop to the Eternal Home’ to the Father.  I know my short comings but I confidently trust in the unconditional, merciful love that has graced me my whole life.

Religious Life is what God has chosen for me from all eternity.  Now I live every minute of it in loving appreciation

I pray that God will carry each one of you to God’s bosom, if you let God.


Sr. Marguerite Tran, CMR

on the Feast of Queenship of Mary, 2021

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