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"Gifts From Above"

“We are humans, imperfect and sinful. We live in a reality that is full of doubt, distractions, and trials. God doesn’t ask us to become perfect. Just to be true to who we are and what gifts God has given us.”

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As I reflected on this thought from my retreat in preparation for profession of First Vows, I saw my life as a gift given to me by God. My religious vocation was a true grace, not merited by my own effort or desires, but genuinely granted through God’s grace. 


Being the youngest of six children, I received much encouragement and support from my parents and siblings. Often times, I was protected from experiencing hardships and trials, because my nature seemed too weak to endure emotional or physical pain. Within myself, I wanted to venture out from the protection of my family and learn how to face difficulties of life while seeing the opportunities for growth and maturity in all occasions. 

Retreat Session 2 - Friendship.jpg

My search for “a greater freedom” led me to the Congregation of Mary, Queen (Dòng Trinh Vương). As time passed, I encountered many trials on my journey to discover God’s Will. Some trials passed by quickly; others took more time to be resolved. Yet through all these challenges, God’s presence was my greatest strength. A life of community, rooted in prayer, was my source of encouragement. 

Looking back through the years and at this present time, I have a deep sense of gratitude towards my family and to my community of sisters. I am thankful for the blessings I have received through their help and guidance. Most importantly, I am thankful for God’s presence in my life and for the love God has given to me. “I can never lose [the love of God] because it is not due to any achievement of mine…the love of God is a free gift.” (As Bread That Is Broken, 29).

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