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Do Nuns Fall in Love?

Short Answer: YES
Long Answer: As a human we each have a body, heart, mind, and soul. We are human beings with the need to feel love and the desire to be loved. Everybody is attracted and drawn to different kinds of things, places, and people. Nuns are still human. We feel love, want to be loved, and are capable of loving. Yes, besides falling in love with God, nuns do fall in love with men.

Falling in love with a man is not a bad thing. It is a wonderful thing! It makes one step back and ask oneself:  What is my true treasure?  Who do I want my heart to belong to? Is God enough for me? For me, I choose to STAY IN LOVE and to GROW IN LOVE. I choose to stay in love and grow in love with Jesus, the one who loves me first, called me into this life, and continually walks beside me. He is both my God and my man.

The secret to staying in love (with anyone, especially Jesus)? Stay in Relationship.
The secret to staying in love is to renew your love each morning and every day.
Tình yêu mang l
i hnh phúc.
Tình yêu đòi h
i s hy sinh và lòng trung thành.
Tình yêu đòi h
i s tin tưởng nơi nhau.
Tinh yêu mang l
i s sng, s bình an, nim vui, và s hy vng.

Hnh phúc cho người Tu sĩ biết chn Thiên Chúa là người Yêu, và Đức Kito là người Tình ca mình.

I tell Jesus everyday: You are my first, my last and my only ONE that I love. Thank you for loving me and be faithful to me. Help me to be faithful to you, to love you until death and be a Witness of Love for You.

I am very thankful to God for calling me to religious life. No matter what vocation God is calling you, I believe God only wants you to be happy. Therefore, let us thank God for the gift of LIFE and LOVE. God is Love and He is always faithful.


Choose Love.

In Christ,

Sr. Eileen Nguyen, CMR

Diving a Little Deeper...

1.)  If nuns do "fall in love," what do they do?

Yes, as a human and as a woman it is natural for a religious to fall in love with someone, or someone to fall in love with her. She must sort out her feelings and make a decision for herself. How?  First, acknowledging “Am I in love? ” Second, “What do I do about it?” Third, "Is God calling me to marriage life?" or "Is God sending me this person or this occasion to teach me how to love and how to grow in my commitment to Christ?"


2.)  What does "falling in love" mean? Is it real? Or is it just an infatuation?


"Falling in love" means you are attracted to someone who is nice to you, kind to you, or supports you in some way. You may want a special relationship with that person, desiring that person to be your lover, or perhaps you just want him to be your companion/friend.

3.) Is there love at first sight?

Love at first sight occurs when you are overwhelmed by passion or good feeling toward that person.  Robert Sternberg calls this infatuated love, which can arise in an instant, involving a great deal of physiological arousal that can last varying lengths of time. Infatuated love is destined to fade away if there is no intimacy or commitment.

4.) More on love on our FAQ page ....

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