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GX Đức Mẹ Hằng Cứu Giúp (Our Mother of Perpetual Help Parish): Vocations Fest! Springfield Meets Gar

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Three of our CMR Sisters from Springfield traveled down to meet up with our Irving CMR community for the first time ever Vocations fest at GX Đức Mẹ Hằng Cứu Giúp in Garland, TX! This past Sunday about 450 youth ages 12-17 gathered for the Vocations fest! The students learned "What is a Vocation? And How to Discern a Call?" They were then divided into groups of boys and girls. The boys had a chance to meet the two different male religious communities which included the Cistercians and the Redemptorists and also the Diocesan priesthood. The girls met the different female religious which included the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, the Dominicans, and of course, us - the Congregation of Mary, Queen!

The sisters had an amazing time meeting the inquisitive and enthusiastic youth and introducing them to the CMR way of life. The sisters answered fun questions like, "Do you get bored in the convent?" and great questions like "How do we hear God's voice?" and "Do you get to see your family?" And we asked them an important question back.... "Why not give God a chance?"

Check out more about the Vocations Fest in the links below. One is a link from VietCatholic in Vietnamese and another is more photos! Enjoy!

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