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CMR Quarantine Life: St. Louis Community's Experience

The GOOD - The pandemic helps us realize that as a human family, we are all inter-related, interdependent, despite our race, language, and background. - We are more empathetic, helping others with our prayer, sacrifices, and almsgiving. - We have grown in the practice of spiritual communion. - We encourage each other to contact our grandparents and parents more.

THE BAD - Since this is a formation community, the daily rhythm of these young sisters remains unchanged. However, they miss the social connections of participating in the RCIA program and parish choir. They also miss the peer interaction and learning of a regular classroom. - Two of our sisters use laptops and phones to work from home. This helps them to continue with their ministries, but it also limits the effectiveness of their teaching and social work. - Many of us use Zoom to attend classes or do our ministry. At times, we feel frustrated due to the slow internet connection.

The UGLY The sisters feel sad for not being able to receive Holy Communion! We certainly have felt the void in our spiritual lives, but we know that God is not limited to the sacraments.

THE GRACES - The Sacrament of Reconciliation is being offered everyday and within walking distance from our convent (i.e. at the Cathedral Basilica). - Via Zoom, we get to attend Mass with people who are halfway around the world (e.g. Denver, Vietnam)! We experience the sense of Communion in Community. - Even though we cannot receive Jesus sacramentally, we are very blessed to have Jesus residing with us in the Blessed Sacrament. - We are very blessed to have good health and basic needs (e.g. food, shelter, etc.).

Top Left: Binh An and Catherine "studying"; Bottom Left: Zoom mass; Bottom Right: Sr. Pauline fertilizing the grass. It's Spring!

Sr. Gwen and Sr. Julie moving potting soil to the garden beds! We're going to have some tasty vegetables!

Sr. Cecilia on her way to work! She checks in once a week. Be safe sister!

Fr. Matthew teaching Sr. Julie and Catherine through Zoom! It was a great class!

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