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“Come and See”… “Come and Zoom”… Same Concept, Modern Approach!

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

With the current situation in the world and in society due to the coronavirus pandemic, there was a natural desire to reach out and provide opportunities for people to meet the Sisters. Typically, the invitation is extended to visit one of the Sisters’ convents and experience firsthand the way of life and interact with the Sisters directly. Since this was not possible, the logical step was hosting a virtual session!

“Come and Zoom” took place on Thursday, June 25th, with six sisters signing in: Sr. Jacinta, Sr. Teresita, Sr. Gwen, Sr. Eileen, Sr. Faustina, and Sr. Veronica, along with 20 participants, ranging from 17 years old and older, including many young adults, from Georgia, Virginia, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, Illinois, Connecticut, and even Canada! Overcoming a few glitches and a Zoom bombing half-way through the session (yes, so crazy!), everyone expressed appreciation for having the chance to meet up and have conversations. There was an almost unanimous agreement for round 2, so plans were made!

Round 2 was one week later, on July 2nd, with five sisters and 10 participants, many of whom were at the first session. Conversations had a consistent flow and good feedback. The smaller number allowed for more personal sharing and provided ample time to address questions and delve deeper!

Here are a few sample questions asked in the two sessions: If you feel like you need to date before entering the convent, is that okay? Have you ever thought during your time in the convent that this is your right choice? Or have any doubts? What makes you for sure knowing this is the right path? Is there anything you miss from life before entering the convent?

From this experience, some participants have already taken the next step: to journey with the sisters, through one-on-one meetings and begin formal discernment! Praise Jesus! May God bless these efforts to promote religious vocations and to be faithful witnesses of His Love to the world! Mary, Queen and Mother, pray for us!

Come & Zoom #3 is on Thursday, July 16th @ 8:30pm CDT. Look for our social media posts for details! INVITE a friend, MEET some sisters, HEAR their stories, ASK any questions about God, religious life, discernment, the meaning of life, etc!

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