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The Gift of Consecrated Life: Sr. Emeline Thúy's Reflection

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

When I was a young girl, I joined many ministry groups to help the Church, including our parish choir. There was about fifteen of us in the choir from ages 12-18 and we did very well with help from Fr. Joseph Phuc, who was a seminarian at the time. Every once in a while, we would impress the parish when we sung at weddings. During one beautiful wedding, I felt a strong conviction that I wanted to belong to someone. Yet, I didn’t know who that person or Person would be. This was in 2006. It was the beginnings of a very personal desire for someone outside myself. Soon after I moved with my family to America, I experienced the call to enter religious life. I felt I was different from my friends, so I did not yet trust the thoughts crossing my mind and heart.

One day, as I was doing my meditation on the Gospel I paused at this Scripture verse for a very long time. “Remain in me, as I remain in you.”(Jn 15:4). Why did Jesus tell his disciples to remain in him? and remain how? In his care? in his presence? Or in his heart? I prayed how I could remain in Him. Suddenly I experienced a peace in my soul and I heard God’s answer: it was to remain in His Love, all the days of my life.

On the morning of June 11, 2022, the weather was very beautiful, warm with an occasional breeze. I swelled with gratitude as my extended family and friends came from all over (Ohio, Alabama, and even Australia) to witness and celebrate my Final Vows. At this Mass, we also celebrated the renewal of Sr. Julie’s temporary vows, Sr. Janine’s 25th jubilee, and Sr. Irene’s 50th jubilee. It was a like a symphony of perseverance and good will to better ourselves each day as the words of our profession rang through the cathedral. In this Profession Mass, I received my ring, symbolizing my perpetual profession. Bishop Rice, in the name of the Church, said, as he slipped the slim gold band on my finger, “Receive this ring for you are betrothed to the Eternal King.” When I heard these words, I became extremely nervous, and the thought came to me: “This is the life that I always desired to live, to belong to someone.” I had initially thought it was to be with a human but the God who created me, wanted me, to give my life to him, and follow him more closely every moment of my life.

To me, consecrated life is a journey. Over the years, I learned how to love the Church, the congregation, the Charism, and the people I serve. God doesn’t want any material thing from us, but an open heart to his guidance, which is a listening heart, found only in silence. I believe from this starting point, we will know how to remain in Him and follow Him all the days of our life.

For Sr. Emeline Thúy's Final Profession Mass photo gallery click here.

Sr. Emeline Thúy pronouncing her perpetual vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.

Sr. Emeline Thúy signing the formal documents of Perpetual Profession to the Congregation of Mary Queen witnessed by Sr. Pauline, Regional Superior and Bishop Edward Rice.

Sr. Emeline Thúy receiving the blessing from Bishop.

Photo Left: “Receive this ring for you are betrothed to the Eternal King.”

Photo Right: Sr. Emeline Thúy receiving a hug of Congratulations from Sr. Irene Khanh, her former novice director.

Sr. Emeline Thúy's family with Bishop Edward Rice

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