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Giving God A Chance: A Reflection after Come & See Retreat

I attended a Come & See retreat led by the Congregation of Mary Queen - USA (Dòng Trinh Vương - Chi Dòng Hoa Kỳ) at the end of December of 2023. Towards the end of 2023, I was experiencing a change of seasons in my life that led to the question and curiosities of my calling in Christ - my vocation. During this time, I felt a small spark of courage and openness to the discernment of religious life. I did not know much about the vocation of religious life, and so with the change of life stages and seasons, the timing of the Come & See was perfect.

I came into the retreat with resistance in my heart because I was afraid of the seeds God would plant inside of me. After the first day of resisting, I decided to surrender and offer up this experience to God and allow Him to shed light on the hidden and unhidden thoughts and feelings in my heart and mind. Over the five-day retreat, I left with immense gratitude, fortitude, and perseverance in my faith. I have learned to pray better, understand myself and God’s will for me more, and have a deeper appreciation in faith and for those around me. Though I may or may not choose the vocation of religious life after the retreat, I have gained so much more spiritual fruits and blessings than I imagined. I left the retreat with new friendships, a deeper love for Christ in my life, and admiration and understanding of the beautiful ministry of religious life. Till this day, I continue to deepen my prayer life and share in this renewal of faith with those around me.

If you are curious about what religious life could entail or if it is a vocation to discern, I cannot recommend more than to attend a Come & See retreat; come and see for yourself. Even if you may or may not follow the path of religious life afterwards, allow yourself to be vulnerable and to encounter Him.


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