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All for Mary!! CMR Annual Marian Days Pilgrimage: August 1-4, 2019

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

What a grace-filled Marian Days this year! The weather was great minus some rain showers but everyone had a wonderful time!! Thank you to all who visited with us! What is Marian Days? It is an annual pilgrimage of 70,000 - 100,000 Vietnamese-Catholics from around the world who gather for Mass, Catholic talks, food, and fellowship in Carthage, Missouri, to honor Mary, our Mother.

This year 18 CMR sisters attended (a record number!) plus an additional 2 sisters who are studying in the US from Vietnam. You may have seen us around at the vocations booth helping make blankets for the needy or driving around in golf carts to help with restroom cleanliness, drinking boba, eating funnel cake, or giving talks at Calvary Hill, and the CRM Auditorium to the youth!

We created wonderful memories with new friends as we worked together to make 10 blankets for a local domestic violence shelter. We hope this will give them a ray of sunshine when winter comes.

We also met the Divine Mercy Sisters from Poland who gave a talk on “Discovering Divine Mercy.” One of them is a famous YouTuber - Sr. Gaudia Skass (check her out

Some new things this year: Sr. Eileen, Sr. Veronica, and Catherine (our enthusiastic postulant) hyped up the crowd with a vocations talk at Calvary Hill at 11am! (“Who let the nuns out? Jesus!”). Sr. Janine and three other priests & religious participated in a Q&A panel in the CRM Auditorium under the theme “Power of Love.” Check out the pics, follow us on FB/IG, say HI and hope to see you at Marian Days 2020!!!

Sneak Peak Photos

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