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Queen of Angels 2019 20th Annual Christmas Program

On Wednesday, December 18, the children of our daycare center presented the annual Christmas program.  This 2019 is special as it marks the 20th time our sisters have orchestrated this amazing feat of dance, music, and drama.  

For two months, the students (ranging from 2yo to 5yo) practiced daily and diligently, for the sisters hope to give a program that will help prepare hearts for the coming of Jesus, light of the world. 

It was a packed audience and standing room only in the Catholic Center's Pallotti Center.  The performance was first held in the daycare's multipurpose lobby, now in the Pallotti Center, and may be moved to the school's gym next year!  It is a blessing to watch these little ones praise God in song and dance.

Each class danced and performed their own set of songs.  This year the 2-year-olds performed fabulously two songs - “I’m a little Snowman” and “He has a redcoat.” The toddlers did not cry or run to their parents in the audience, but danced proudly for everyone. This was a surprise and first for all! 

Afterwards, the students acted out the story of the Annunciation, the Holy Family’s journey, and the Birth of Jesus.  (Check out the pictures of the Holy Family, shepherds, angels, 3 kings, and more).

At the end of the program, Bishop Edward gave all the kids a Christmas gift for their hard work and excellent performance. Then back at the daycare, Santa Claus gave out gifts to them while their parents and friends gathered for a nice lunch.

It was a wonderful time to get to meet and know better the students’ grandparents, parents, and relatives. 

Thank you to the teachers and students for such a lovely performance and reminding us that Jesus is the reason for the season!

Thank you also to all their family and friends, Bishop Edward and Bishop John, priests, and all the staff at the Catholic Center for their support and attendance!


Check out photos at our google photos link and video below!

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