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Giving it a Chance: Sr. Veronica Quynh Dao Perpetual Profession

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Nine years ago, Sr. Veronica Quỳnh Dao told herself, "I'll give it a chance." She was starting a good job, had supportive parents, and actively volunteered with her church's youth group (Thiếu Nhi Thánh Thể). There really wasn't a need for her to look out of her comfort zone. Yet, something in her told her to visit our CMR community for a "Come and See" retreat. And the rest is history.

We celebrated her Perpetual Profession Mass this past Saturday, June 12th in Springfield, Missouri, the headquarters of our American Region. Family and friends arrived from as far away as New Mexico, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, Missouri, California, Virginia and Maryland. Bishop Edward Rice was the main celebrant and homilist. He reminded Sr. Veronica and each of us present, on the beauty of totally belonging to Jesus. Music and accompaniment were provided by friends of the community. Roses and orchids graced the sanctuary of St. Agnes Cathedral. As Sr. Veronica pronounced her final vows, we gave thanks to God for giving the Church and our religious community another beautiful young woman to serve Him and share His Love as beloved daughter of the eternal Father.

After the Mass, we gathered for a small reception at the parish hall. Many delicacies were prepared and conversation flowed joyfully and abundantly.

We pray that many more young people answer God's invitation to give themselves completely in the consecrated life. The world needs witnesses of faith, courage, and whole-heartedness. Thank you Sr. Veronica for giving God a chance! Thank you Sr. Veronica for your life! God will always be your refuge and reward!

Check out our wonderful memories from Sr. Veronica's Perpetual Mass and Celebration here! A fun sample of photos below.

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