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You Missed Out on our Virtual Discernment Retreat: Here's Why :-)

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

This past weekend, we had our first-ever CMR Virtual Discernment Retreat. 7-9 young ladies showed up to listen, to share, and to figure out “Where is God leading ME???” An equal number of sisters came to give talks, to accompany, and to appreciate how God leads each soul on a unique path.

As with any retreat, interesting….things…happen! Who says you can’t have fun (or pray) virtually? Here are five – for the rest, you will have to come yourself!

1. See Everyone’s Shoe

Sr. Emeline Thúy wanted us to vote on some issues.She said that we HAD to raise our elbows for option 1 and raise our shoes for option 2.This icebreaker definitely woke us up and burned some serious calories as we ended up laughing, crying, and falling to the ground.(Let me say – there are some interesting flip-flops/dép out there)

2. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Who says you need to be out in the woods for a scavenger hunt? Sr. Gwen Huyền lead us on a “hunt” through our bookshelves and gave us a muscle-building activity as we brought to the screen our dictionaries, textbooks, and Bibles. This session helped us to appreciate how filling our mind with positivity will transform our minds and lives (Just in case you want our suggestions – here is a link)

3. Latest Look on Eye Glasses

Sr. Pauline Kiều shared with us on “Obstacles and Tools to Discernment,” things never easy to hear, think about, or deal with. Yet, she grounded us in the love of God and to trust in His Plan. Although we didn’t tell her (yet), many of us agree her glasses scored 10 fashion points! If a nun can keep her sense of style in the convent, perhaps being a nun does enhance our God-given femininity!

4. Meet Peers

Some times it may feel like you are the only ONE that has these questions. It’s always a bit of relief to meet others who share the same questions, worries, and values. Our young ladies had a chance to talk (no nuns allowed!) and get to know one another. We’re hoping this is the start of something meaningful because, as you know, Jesus entrusted his mission to a group of 12 (whom he asked to get along with each other).

5. The Secret

How did you know? Isn’t that the question that you always wanted to ask any priest, nun, or happily married couple you see? How did you know this vocation was for you? Sr. Marie Trang & Sr. Faustina Tuyết unlocked their secrets (actually I think there is more to the story – they would probably say more in a one-to-one conversation) on how they figured out God was calling them and how they chose our community – the Sisters of Mary Queen/Dòng Trinh Vương.

Group Picture - Many Prayers to all our retreatants! Thank you for being open to the Holy Spirit in your life!

Our weekly retreat ads. Which was your favorite???

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