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CMR Regional Gathering - June 2019

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Our U.S Region gathers together twice a year, once in June and the other for Thanksgiving. It is always a grace-filled time to have all our sisters under one roof: praying, sharing, and feasting!!! We spent time catching up on personal and ministry stories and ended up with many laughs and memories. During the day, we met together for continuing spiritual formation workshops or regional discussions and updates. The evening is spent in relaxation and recreation.

This year we were blessed to have Bishop Edward Rice, bishop of the Springfield-Cape Girardeau diocese, give us a spiritual talk on how to to maintain a fervent relationship with Jesus. His busy schedule allowed him to be with us on Pentecost Sunday and so, Bishop Rice used this occasion to reflect on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He emphatically remarked: Be careful of the "creep factor"! Do not slowly take back what you once generously gave to God because you feel you deserve exceptions ie "I deserve to break this rule because I worked hard today."

We also heard from Bishop Joseph Đỗ Mạnh Hùng, Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Saigon, Vietnam where our motherhouse is located. He visited us on the occasion of our General Chapter in December 2019 and shared with us the beauty of Mary's queenship and motherhood. His talk was recorded and distributed to all the sisters in our congregation. We stopped at different segments in the audio recording to discuss and reflect. We thank God for his fervent devotion to Mary that was so clearly expressed in his moving images of her gracious love.

For recreation, we went out to a steak restaurant on Monday night through the generosity of one of our sister's family. We enjoyed the beauty of nature through a picnic, walking trails, and outdoor games at a park on Tuesday. On Wednesday, was our first ever CMR karaoke competition. It was a hilarious, engaging time as some of the acts had us rolling on the floor! One of the sisters commented, "This is a simple joy that you cannot find anywhere else."

The annual St. Agnes Cathedral garage sale maintained its popularity with our sisters as many found a hidden "gem!" Tennis shoes for 50 cents, a small fish tank for $2, and a bicycle donated after a sister was seen trying it out (Shout out to the Williams' family! Thank you again!).

It is always a gift to be with our sisters and sad to part from those we share ideals. Yet, it was time to go forth to contemplate and share the fruits of our sisterhood. The week ended and many of us will be going on our annual retreat (5-6 days of silence) and family visit (2 weeks) in these upcoming summer months. Until Thanksgiving!! Pray for us as we pray for you!! Blessings!

We updated our community pictures! Smiling with Joy in our Lord!

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