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Back2School: Q & A with Sr. Faustina "Snow" Tuyết

1.) What do you enjoy about your ministry at the Queen of Angels Child Care?

I enjoying watching the children learn, play, and grow. Observing them and seeing how hard they try especially their small little accomplishments are really rewarding. I also enjoy working alongside the parents to bring out what is best for their child.

Examples of life's little rewards: Praising a 2-year-old for the first day he did not wet his diaper after so many attempts; Sharing the excitement of a 3-year-old when she knows how to spell and to write her own name.

2.) Where do I find God in my ministry?

I find God in the parents, I see how hard the parents try to provide what is best for their child. In the children, I see their small steps in learning and growing. They remind me of the love God has for me and how I am also a beloved child of God. I have a Father in Heaven who is so patiently walking with me, teaching me, and watching me learn and grow on this journey of faith.

3.) Any fun and cute stories of the little kids? Too many, I am not sure which one to choose from! I bring the preschoolers to Mass everyday. I teach them to say "Hi Jesus, I adore you" when they walk into the church. This one little girl would say it loud and clear with a bright smile. 2 year-old angel: Is it going to rain Sr. Snow? Sr. Snow: What do you think? Angel: Yeah Sr. Snow: How do you know? Angel: Jesus is taking a shower Sr. Snow: *confused* What do you mean? Angel: 'Cause I take a shower at home too  Sr. Snow: ........... Angel: Sr. Snow, what is in your heart? Sr. Snow:....hmmmm (thinking) My heart is in my heart Angel: No, Sr. Snow, Jesus is in your heart Sr. Snow: (WOW!) You're right!  Angel: After Jesus died on the cross, He came back to life and...and...and Sr. Snow: (jumping in) although we can't see Him, He is here with us always and keeping us safe right? Angel: Yes, but but...and and...He came back to life and stay in our hearts forever! Sr. Snow: W O W ! ! ! 

4.) How many new students do you have this year? Is the school year different than the summer? We have 30 children enrolled this year. Summer is different with the preschoolers leaving and getting ready for kindergarten and various classroom attendance because children take summer vacations. It is definitely more quiet in the summer. 5.) What are you looking forward to this year?

I want to meet the goals that we have for the children. But most of all, to see the children grow in every aspect, especially the love they have for their friends and family.

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