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Transitions Part II: Burden, Blessing, or Both?

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Welcome back to Part II of CMR Transitions!

New beginnings are not always easy, but they are always opportunities to grow.

We continue with our 2 interviews of Sr. Janine Van and Sr. Michelle Ha. (Check out Sr. Eileen and Sr. Ann’s interviews in Part I Transitions). Sr. Janine started diocesan catechetical ministry and moved to the Springfield community. Sr. Michelle is starting a chaplaincy ministry and moved to the St. Louis community.

1.) What are you looking forward to the most about this new change in your life?

Sr. Michelle Hà

What I am looking forward to the most about this new change in my life is a time of learning and spiritual renewal.

Sr. Janine Vân

In Irving, our community was never more than 6 persons. And of those 6 persons, 1-2 were in initial formation. I look forward to experiencing a community life that is "bigger. " Our current Springfield community has 8 sisters and each of us have been in final vows for at least 5+ years and/or nearing final vows. The number of profession years totals 175+! Community life, right now, feels like enjoying an aged cheese or a steeped cup of tea - conversation between us is full of memories and hopes.

2.) What is the biggest challenge that you face in this new change?

Sr. Michelle Hà

The biggest challenge that I face in this new change is to find and to maintain a balance between prayer life, community life, family, friendship, and personal interest.

Sr. Janine Vân

I am transitioning from mostly "at-home" ministry to "office" ministry. When I was a DRE in Irving, I did a lot of work from the convent and came to the parish on Wednesdays and Sundays. Here, at the Catholic Center, I keep office hours of 8am - 5pm. It is quite a change! This discipline is allowing me to focus my gifts. I look forward to the Spirit calling forth fruits of reflection!

3) What grace would you like us to pray for you?

Sr. Michelle Hà

The grace that I would like for you to pray for me is to be docile to the guidance of the Holy Spirit as I adapt into a new community and transition into a new ministry.

Sr. Janine Vân

After 15 years in Irving, Texas, I have been re-assigned to Springfield, Missouri. Initially, I was not at peace with the move. I felt like there was one more thing I wanted to do for the families and students I served at Our Mother of Perpetual Help Parish in Garland. It has been about 3 months since my move. Of these 3 months, I have spent 1 week in silent retreat, 2 weeks in self-quarantine and 4 days on the road. It has been good to live with sisters that I once lived with 20 years ago. It has been grace-filled to have colleagues at the Catholic Center that are ready to embrace my gifts with enthusiasm and extend a gentle invitation to develop them.

Please send me prayers of wisdom, single-mindedness, and love! With this, I hope to become the saint God wishes. I admire St. Francis of Assisi, St. John the Baptist, St. Teresa of Avila, and St. Joan of Arc. It would be so neat if I can be a smidgen of each and all of God! :0)

Thank you to our sisters for sharing the new chapters in their lives with us.

Whether it be starting a new school year or new job, moving to a new city, house, or community, please know that you have our prayers! Navigating new beginnings is difficult, but we can do “all things through Christ!” (Philippians 4:13)

Picking up Sr. Michelle Hà after ministry. She's happy to see us!

From left to right: Shasta Beckers, Lynn Melendez, Sr. Janine, Katie Newton, Bishop Edward Rice

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