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Merry Christmas to Queen of Angels Childcare!

Queen of Angels received an early Christmas present this year! A new playground!

Children learn through play. This is one of the many reasons why a safe, fun playground is indispensable. In 1996 when we officially opened Queen of Angels Childcare Center, a beautiful playground was built attached to the north side of the building. Our playground has provided the happiest time of day for the children to run and play outside with their classmates.

However, after 24 years of excellent service to the children, the playground deserved an upgrade – a new look and new equipment!

Our story begins at dinner. Towards the end of 2019, our sisters started discussing playground renovations at our dinner table conversations. Everybody agreed, “It’s time to plan for it!” So be it! Sr. Martha and Sr. Faustina along with the other Queen of Angels teachers began brainstorming ideas, fundraisers, and doing research into construction companies, playground design, etc…

After several months of preparation and planning, Friga Construction Co., Inc. started the demolition of the old playground on July 8, 2020 and the renovation work finally began! The most challenging task was to install a new drainage system under the playground. The task took a longer time than we expected.

The next daunting task was saving the two beautiful maple trees on the west side of the playground. These trees are not only the main shade to keep the kids cool in the summer, but they also reveal nature’s beauty to the kids. We decided to add a wrap-around composite decking around the trees. It turned out beautifully! We’re all happy with it!

The other main changes we added were:

- An artificial turf surface instead of gravel or sand. It’s great for cleaning and safer for the children.

- A higher fence (five feet) to ensure more safety.

- A 6ft x 10 ft shed to store small playground equipment.

- Smaller playground equipment including a climb-discovery tunnel, a toy house, tricycles, basketball, seesaw rocker, and more equipment that allow children to play and at the same time, learn to work in groups, learn to share, resolve conflicts, etc.

Not only the kids, but also the teachers are thrilled and excited for the new playground.

Since the wet, cold weather is already here, we plan to have the blessing of the new playground in the spring.

As we look forward to the Playground Blessing Day, we want to thank all our benefactors and friends who have always been great supporters of our childcare ministry. Their friendship, prayers, encouragement, and monetary donations are always remembered and much appreciated.

Thank you, Merry Christmas ,and may God bless you all!!!

Sr. Martha Thu-Hằng Nguyễn, CMR

Director of Queen of Angels Childcare

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