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Back2School: Q & A with Sr. Teresita Thủy

1.) What do you enjoy about your ministry? Where do you see God in your ministry?

Being a teacher for more than 20 years, I love teaching. Here are some really reasonable reasons :-D

First, I find joy in "stealing" energy from my students. Believe it or not, they have super "EXTRA ENERGY" and it surely is so much fun to borrow some.

Secondly, I enjoy seeing them act like little "BOSSES". Two- thirds of my students are the middle child in their family. They have personalities of their own. They are easygoing, responsible, often hurrying in their work, willing to take risks, and love learning and adventure. On the other hand, they love to execute their power like a super "BOSS" when it comes to telling others what to do, even when it is not their business.

Thirdly, I am honored to journey with my students. This is where I see God in them. They come from different backgrounds and cultures. They share with me their happiness, joys, thoughts, feelings, imaginations, and even their secrets like:

"Thank you for quitting your job just to be with me!"

"I pray for my Mother so that she will not be stressed out because of her co-workers."

"If I ever become a saint, I will be a saint of diamonds and gold. I will shower the earth with diamonds and gold so that people will not complain that they are poor!"

"...I will shower the earth with music so that the mute people will enjoy tunes and learn to dance and have fun."

Finally, I love my third graders because they are lovable. They try to find my favorite candy and give it to me. They accidentally call me mom. They give me compliments on my hair. A small story - I happened to fix my hair under my veil and they screamed, "Sister, you have beautiful hair!" I told them: "Next time, when you see my hair, you have to turn around or you will have to become a nun or a priest!" They responded, "NO WAY"!

- Any "cool” school stories?

"I pray for my Mother so that she will not be stress out because of my co-workers." ssed me (Sr. Terry) as "Boss". Immediately after the principal left, the students asked me, "Why did she call you "Boss"? I replied, "I don't know. However, I know one thing for sure that I am a boss without power!" They all laughed and thought that I was being silly. Truly, I have many bosses - spiritual boss, superior boss, school boss, big boss, middle boss, and little bosses (her students) and I have to obey them all! :-(

What do you look forward to this year?

Overall, it does take "superhuman" powers to be a teacher but I have incredible power from Jesus to positively influence my students. My goal and dream is to have each of my students become a hero following in the footsteps of Jesus, the "SUPERHERO".


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