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Đoàn Kitô Vua, at Giáo Xứ Chúa Kitô Vua, Fort Worth, TX: “Let the Children Come to Me"

You may have seen Sr. Huyền this past weekend (Nov 9-10) at Giáo Xứ Chúa Kitô Vua in Fort Worth, TX hanging out with Đoàn TNTT Kitô Vua as they celebrated 30 years of establishment.  Congratulations!!!  Đoàn Kitô Vua was the first TNTT group she served with and they have a special place in her heart. They were as equally excited and touched to have Sr. Huyền back with them as she guided them for a one-day retreat.  

The retreat theme was “Let the children come to Me” (Matthew 19:14): the first half was for the youth and the second was for the youth leaders/Huynh Trưởng, with a prayer session in the middle.  Of course, there was lots of fun learning about Jesus, prizes (bracelets and keychains) and dance activities. May Jesus always be the King of Đoàn Kito Vua's lives, hopes,and endeavors!   Check out the pictures and video (kindly shared by ĐKV)

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